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News of 2018

 Keep an eye on this page for the latest in 2018, there are lots of exciting things happening this year at CMG, with lots of local, regional and national competitions and community events.

West Country League Final

Competing against teams from across the South West, Moonrakers younger gymnasts were in the A team, with Katherine Allday, Leah Bishop, Emily Clark, Danielle Armado, Megan Baker and Millie Stokes all in action.

The team did especially well on beam, with every member of having a clean routine, which led to third-placed finish on the apparatus as well as a bronze medal in the overall competition.

Moonrakers’ slightly older B team of Eva Falcony-Healy, Jemma Vincent, Emily Macklin-Day, Ellie Treacy, Sophie Townsend and Tamar Hibbert were also in action and had a very good competition with some high individual scores.

Falcony-Healy led the way, winning all-around gold as well as first on beam.

Treacy took all-around silver as well as second on vault and floor, with Townsend claiming all-around bronze alongside third on A Bars.

The team was able to secure a silver medal in the team championships as well as all-round silver.

Head coach Hannah West said: “It was a great competition and all the gymnasts worked really hard.

They were very supportive of each other – it was a great way to end the Championships; a great experience for them all especially the younger less experienced ones.

“We are a leisure centre-based club with limited facilities, but we still manage to compete well against the larger clubs across the South West and nationally.

“We are very proud of what our members achieved and thank you to our dedicated team of coaches and volunteers.”


Sunday 21st of October saw another National event this was a good fun competition which saw another 13 gymnasts competing for CMG, with very good results in another large event. Round 1 - Jasmyn Eddon came overall 1st on Bars and 1st on floor with an overall score of 44.29, fellow team mates Lily Guest scored 41.95, Sarah Clark scored 43.65, Ruby Mires scored 43.18 and Charlotte Glover scored 41.91, all gymnasts did brilliantly and for some it was their first National competition and what a great first experience. In round 2 was the turn of Sophie Morgan who came away with overall bronze on Vault and Silver on Beam taking the overall Bronze medal with a score of 46.67, great achievement and courage for a first national competition. In the final round CMG had 5 gymnasts competing and for some this was a daunting prospect, but they needn’t have worried they all did themselves proud with Florence Mayhead gaining an overall silver on vault, Lily Mayhead gaining all round overall Gold with a silver on beam and a bronze on floor, Ellie Shepherd came away with all round overall bronze and gaining bronzes on bars, beam and vault. Abigail Bussey came a respectable 11th finally, Anca Minea came away with all-round overall bronze, a silver on vault and bars!

The weekend was quite something very exciting for these gymnasts and was a great opportunity to give their skills a go in a big competitive arena. Headcoach Steve West said that the club was extremely pleased with all the gymnasts who really did go into the competition with great team spirit despite it being an individual event, the support and atmosphere was great, congratulations to them all, it’s very well deserved.

Quatro Cup 

On the 14th October clubs nationwide came together to compete at the Quatro Cup with clubs as far as Birmingham, Norfolk, Cornwall and places in between, the competition ran over 3 days. Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics entered several categories with great success! Level 7 Megan Baker with had an exceptional competition and came overall Gold out of 16 nationally with 45.08 points with a Silver on Vault and Bars, Danielle Armado entered level 6 to 8 years an came overall 8th out of 18, giving good performances on all four pieces. The next round we saw Emily Clark perform great routines to gain an overall score of 41.43 in the level 5 to 9 years. In the Level 5 to 10 years was Leah Bishop who gave a great all-round performance taking the overall gold with a score of 45.47 and fellow team mate Katherine Allday doing a good performance to come away with an overall
score of 42.71. The next round was the turn of Tamar Hibbert, Jemma Vincent and Emily Macklin-Day who all gave good exciting performances, Tamar was 3rd overall, Emily was 5th overall and Jemma was 9th which was a great result against such a large number of competitors in this Level 5 11+ years round. In the penultimate round we saw Eva Falcony-Healy take overall silver with a score of 45.5 with a very accomplished clean round out of 19 others from across England. In the final round we had a nail-biting round courtesy of Ellie Treacy and Sophie Townsend. Ellie took overall 4th place with a score of 44.95 and Sophie took a respectable 15th place with a score of 41.25 especially as this included both competing some new difficult moves in a very large National event.Hannah West Head Squad coach said, ‘she was extremely proud with all of the gymnast that took part, their sportsmanship and support to each other was commendable, their grit and determination to try new move in such a large competition took a lot of courage and they did themselves and the club proud’.

West Country League (Round 1)

At the regional West County League Round Two in Melksham, Moonrakers entered two teams.

The first success of the day was in the A League, in which they came away with team bronze.

The team consisted of Katherine Allday, Leah Bishop, Emily Clark, Danielle Amado, Megan Baker and Millie Stokes.

Bishop took overall second place on vault with a score of 12.10 and a third on beam, whilst Allday gained overall third place on vault.

The next success was B League with Eva Falcone-Healy, Jemma Vincent, Emily Macklin-Day, Ellie Treacy, Sophie Townsend and Tamar Hibbert competing.

With solid performances they took the gold with 186.84 a 10-point lead.

Falcone-Healy's fine round took second on vault with third on bars and beam and overall third.

Vincent was third on vault, Macklin-Day and Townsend both had solid rounds with Treacy gaining first on floor and second on bars and beam and coming second overall.

Townsend took first position on vault and beam giving her overall first.

2018 British Gymnastics Disability Championships

The British Gymnastics Disability Championships at Lilleshall National Sports Centre saw 150 gymnasts competed in men and women’s artistic events.

Moonrakers entered Millie Strange in the Open Class Two – women’s senior category but suffered an injury dismounting the beam and was unable to complete all four pieces of apparatus, scoring a respectable 23.025 over the three pieces.


Competing in the Open Class 2 Women’s Junior category was Teigan Higgs who had some solid performances with a personal best on bars to become Bars silver champion and overall all-around bronze champion.

Francesca Di Pisa competed in the Category B U12s, also achieving a personal best and coming away as overall all-around bronze champion.

Dipisa also delivered a tidy floor routine and placed second, with a third on beam, fourth on bars and third on vault with a fine 11.25.

Adult British Championships

It proved a successful day for both competitors, with Emma Kiely competing in the Novice 40+ category and Alison Turner competing in the Newbie 40+ category.

Kiely had competed for the previous three years, improving her personal best on each occasion.

Competing on three pieces of apparatus, she placed fifth on beam, seventh on vault and sixth on floor, giving an overall placing seventh.


It was the first time Turner had competed in her event and she came away with an overall silver medal, gaining a first on vault.

Head coach Steve West said “Both Emma and Alison did brilliantly.

"This is a big event in the gymnastics calendar and it’s great to see Emma and Ali conquer their nerves and do themselves and the club proud.

"It proves that its never too late to start. It’s a great competition with a great atmosphere, we will be there again next year with even more gymnasts and hopefully enter a team, the club is proud to be a part of it.”

Gym Stars 2018

Jemma Vincent, Tamar Hibbert and Emily Macklin Day took part in the level five aged 12 years category in round one of the competition, Vincent placing fifth on floor and third on bars.

Vincent was third overall while Hibbert placed fourth on vault and fifth on beam and brought home the sixth place ribbon. Macklin-Day was third on the vault and finished a respectable seventh.

Danielle Armado also competed in the first round of the competition, her first-ever gymnastics outside the county, and was fifth on vault, fourth on beam and eighth overall.

In the second round, Leah Bishop, Katherine Allday and Millie Stokes took part on the floor, beam bars and vaults.

Bishop was the star of the round, bringing home the fifth place ribbon on bars and the fourth place ribbon on beam and was seventh overall.

Allday was awarded a sixth place ribbon on beam and came 16th overall, with Stokes 18th overall out of 27 gymnasts.

In the third round, Kelsey Stokes was awarded a fourth place ribbon on vault, second on bars, third on beam and sixth on floor and brought home an overall silver.

Freya Gleed was awarded a fourth on vault, sixth on floor and ninth overall.

Ellie Treacy was awarded second place on vault, fifth on beam and third on floor and was fourth overall.

Sophie Townsend placed third on vault, sixth on bars, fourth on beam and fifth on floor, placing third overall.

Lauren Searle was fourth on vault and second on bars, beam and floor, winning overall silver.

Having not competed for two years, Katie Francis placed second on vault, fifth on bars, first on beam and second on floor to win overall gold.

Southwest Springboard 

8th July 2018


Gymnasts from Chippenham Moonrakers competed at the South West Springboard 2018 in Bristol across all 3 rounds. Age ranged from 9years to Ladies with great success in every round, coming away with 19 medals including a team silver and South West Springboard Champion in the 13 to 14 years category.

For some this was their first ever Regional competition which provided them all with great experience and they all did themselves and CMG very proud.

Round one

(9yrs category): saw a total of 39 gymnasts compete from across the South West.

For CMG: Emily Clark (17th), Hermione Ferris (30th), Eloisa Slade (37) and Abigail Tobin (38th) all gave very good performances and for some it was their debut at Regional level in a tough competition and did themselves and CMG proud. It was a great first time experience.

(12 years category): total of 26 gymnast:

CMG gymnasts, Sophie Townsend (3rd), Freya Gleed (4th), Emily Macklin-Day (6th), Jemma Vincent (11th) and Tamar Hibbert (13th), all doing extremely well with Sophie gaining a Gold on Vault with 11.5 and and overall Bronze; Freya gaining a bronze on Vault and Beam and a Silver on floor which gave her an overall 4th place with 45.59 and Emily Macklin-Day gaining 6th place overall.

In the final category for Round 1 Ladies with a total of 6 gymnasts competing:

CMG’s Katie Strange (2nd) achieving all round Silver with a Gold on Bars, Silver on Beam and Floor and a Bronze on Vault, Katies overall score was 44.63

Round 2:  (10 years category) 39 competitors: Leah Bishop (3rd), Katherine Allday (20th) Florrie Strange (24th), Millie Stokes (21st), Madison Cox (33rd) and Charlotte Foley (37th),  gave it their all across all 4 pieces; with Millie Stokes giving a great performance on Beam scoring 11.8 and a Bronze medal , Leah Bishop with her very clean solid routine on bars gained Gold with 11.33 and the overall Bronze medallist with a final score of 45.86.

(13 to 14 years category) 29 Competitors: saw great performances from Kelsey Stokes and Lauren Searle; Lauren came a brilliant overall 8th and it was a great day for Kelsey who achieved Gold making her South West Springboard Champion in her age group with an overall score of 45.18, Silver on Vault and Bars and a Gold on Floor.

Round 3: (11yrs category) 36 competitors was Eva Falcony-Healy’s turn; Eva was the only Chippenham Moonraker competitor in this final round; Eva gave a solid performance on beam scoring 12.10 which gained her a silver and a silver overall with her final score at 46.51.

The icing on the cake was that out of the eight regional clubs competing from across the South West; Chippenham Moonraker’s gained team Silver!!  Great end to the first half of the competitive season.


Wiltshire Grades

Sunday 27th May 2018

On Sunday 27th May 2018 8 Moonraker gymnasts competed in the Wiltshire Grades competition in Trowbridge. All the gymnasts were marked on all four apparatus; Floor, Beam, Bars and Vault.

In the first round 4 Chippenham gymnasts competed the Wiltshire grade 4. Lily Guest had a fantastic first competition and passed her grade 4. Charlotte Glover, Ruby Mires and Jasmine Eddon passed their Wiltshire Grade 3 with a highly commended.

In the second round, 2 Chippenham gymnasts competed the Wiltshire Grade 3. Elosia Slade and Abigail Tobin performed extremely well on the day. Slade passed with a distinction and Tobin passed with a highly commended.

In the third round, 2 Chippenham Moonraker gymnasts competed in the Wiltshire Grade 2. Amber Nixon performed at her very best passing her Grade 2. Francesca Dipisa performed extremely well and passed her Grade 2 with a highly commended.

All the coaches at Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club were extremely proud of all the gymnasts who competed on the day. 

Amber Nixon, Eloisa Slade, Abigail Tobin, Francesca Dipisa

Jasmyn Eddon, Charlotte Glover, Ruby Mires, Lily Guest




29th April 2018

The latest success story for Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club happened on the 29th April. Eva Falcone-Healy entered the National Grades competition. Eva competed in National grade 3. After a rocky start to the competition year, Eva performed at her peak. Performing clean on all 5 pieces of apparatus Eva was extremely proud of her performance. Eva scores; Range and conditioning – 13.1, Vault – 12.633, Bars – 11.15, Beam – 12.450 & Floor – 11.467. Eva placed 11th in the southwest of England on the day. 


22nd April 2018

On the 22nd April 12 gymnasts took part in the Club and Regional grades at City of Bristol Gymnastics Club. Emily Clark and Hermione Ferris took part in Club Grade 5. After a very clean performance from both gymnasts they achieved a highly commended. Ferris scored 57.570 and Clark scored 56.550 over a 5-piece round.
Leah Bishop, Charlotte Foley, Madison Cox, Katherine Allday, Florrie Strange and Millie Stokes all entered the competition in the hope of passing their Regional grade 4. Charlotte, Florrie and Madison all achieved a highly commended. Katherine, Leah and Millie all achieved a very well earned distinction in their Regional grade 4. 
Freya Gleed, Jemma Vincent and Tamar Hibbert all competed for their Regional grade 2. Jemma and Tamar walked away with a highly commended and Freya Gleed brought home another distinction.
Finally, we had Lauren Searle who was the only gymnast to compete in the highest grade on the day; Regional grade 1. Lauren performed extremely well on all 5 pieces of apparatus and walked away with a well-deserved distinction.
All gymnasts from Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club all competed at their absolute best and made us all very proud on the day.



24th March 2018

Melksham gymnast Hannah West has been commended for achieving her childhood dream of winning a national championship.

The 22-year-old received a gold medal in last year’s adult championships organised by British Gymnastics.

She scored the highest marks in the over-18s intermediate category for all four of her routines on the bars, beam, floor and vault in her first return to competitive sport since a childhood injury.

Now she has received a further accolade, coming third in the Wiltshire Life Awards 2018 for Young Sports Personality of the Year.

She received her certificate during a glamorous black-tie dinner at the STEAM Museum in Swindon.

Hannah said: “I was very honoured to be nominated and shortlisted as there was lots of competition in my category.

“The awards evening was a bit of a blur because I was so nervous but it was a lovely occasion. Everyone was really nice.”

The gold medal was a huge achievement for Hannah, who competed at a national level as a child before having to give up – at the age of just 13 – after an operation on her knee left her in regular pain. Last year’s championship was her first return to competitive sport.

Today she is a director and squad head coach at Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club.

Hannah said: “I’ve had so many messages of congratulations from club members and their parents. I’d like to thank everyone for their support.

“I hope my own success will encourage even more people to consider gymnastics, whether for competition or just for fun. It’s a brilliant sport.”


11th March 2018

On March 11th Millie Strange took part in the most prestigious British gymnastics competition of the year; British Gymnastics Championships at Liverpool Echo Arena. Millie took part in the disability masters and competed on the vault. Millie represented Chippenham on the big screen and came away with a story she will tell for years. When competing on the vault, all gymnasts get 2 vaults to compete. Millie competed her first vault with elegance and scored a high 9. On her second vault Millie seemed to be limping after walking off the podium. Millie scored a 10 on her second vault, which was even better news! Millie seemed to be in a lot of pain after her second vault and was taken to the nearby hospital with a suspected broken foot. Millie fractured her foot running half way down the vault run and still managed to come 6th in Great Britain on the day. Millie has now fully recovered and she said “It was an unforgettable experience and I really enjoyed competing on the same podium as Nile Wilson and Amy Tinkler. I even got to meet Beth Tweddle! It was a shame about my foot on the day but at least I still took 6th place in Great Britain. It will be an experience I will never forget.”


The gymnasts from Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club competed in the Miss Quatro – Witch of the West 2018 Championships at Wiltshire School of Gymnastics on the 16th,17th & 18th February.
On the first day of the competition Katie Strange, Lauren Searle and Jenny Francklin competed in the Regional 1 category. Francklin place 5th all around, Lauren Searle placed 4th and Katie Strange brought home the gold and the Title of Miss Quatro for the Regional 1 category.
Saturday 17th CMG’s youngest competitors took to the competition floor for the first time in their careers. Danielle Armado (placed 23rd), Megan Baker (placed 24th) and Freyja Irving-French (placed 27th) out of 41 competitors in the Club Grade 6 category.

In the second round on Saturday, Hermione Ferris and Emily Clark competed in the Club Grade 5 category and after both gymnasts sticking their beam and performed some beautiful floor routines, Ferris placed 10th and Clark placed 12th.
In the third round a group of CMG gymnasts competed in the Regional grade 4 categories. Katherine Allday placed 4th, Leah Bishop placed 8th, Madison Cox placed 12th, Florrie Strange placed 16th and Charlotte Foley 17th.

Sunday 18th was the last day of the competition and the medals and ribbons came flooding in for CMG. Ellie Treacy brought home the silver medal, Kelsey Stokes brought home the bronze medal and Sophie Townsend brought home the 4th ribbon in National grade 2 category. Eva Falcone-Healy had a fantastic day on Beam, Floor and Vault and placed 9th in the National Grade 3 category.

In the afternoon, Summer Taylor competed in the very tough category – National Grade 4. Summer brought home the 4th ribbon for CMG. Freya Gleed, Jemma Vincent, Tamar Hibbert and Emily Macklin-Day competed in the Regional Grade 2 category. Gleed brought home the silver medal, Vincent got the 6th place ribbon and Hibbert got the 8th place ribbon and Macklin-Day placed 9th


Celebrating the success of 2017 

Most Improved Flexiblity - Danielle Armado
Best Floor Routine - Jenny Francklin & Kelsey Stokes
Most improved National Squad member - Ellie Treacy & Eva Falcone-Healy
Most improved Regional Squad member - Katherine Allday
Most improved County squad member - Charlotte Foley
Most improved development - Megan Baker
Most improved Grades - Abigail Tobin
Most improved My Gym - Mabel Smaller
Most improved Rec - Skye Hillman
Sportmanship - Lauren Searle
Outstanding acheivement award - Francesca Dispisa
Keeping spirits high award - Jemma Vincent
Role model of the year - Jenny Francklin
Gymnast of the year - Summer Taylor

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