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News of 2017

Regional Grades

10th December 2017

On Sunday 10th December, the gymnasts from Chippenham Moonraker gymnastics club performed in the annual Regional Grading’s in Plymouth.
There are 3 different awards in regional grades; pass, commended and distinction. Pass means the gymnast scored above 47.50, Commended means the gymnast scored over 52.50, and Distinction means the gymnast over 57.50. All scores are marked over 5 pieces of apparatus; Floor, Beam, Bars, Vault & Range and Conditioning.
To kick start the day 3 of Moonraker’s girls competed in the regional grade 3 category. Freya Gleed was awarded with a distinction and Jemma Vincent and Tamar Hibbert was awarded commended.
In round 2 Katie Strange and Jenny Francklin competed Grade 1; This is the highest level of grading in the regional pathway. Katie was awarded a distinction and Jenny a commended.

Emily Clark and Hermione Ferris competed in Grade 6 and were both awarded a distinction.
The girls in round 3 competed regional grade 3. Florrie Strange and Madison Cox were awarded distinctions on the day and Charlotte Foley brought home a commended.
All the girls did fantastic and for some it was their first ever grading and they all came out on top. 

CMG Christmas Club Competition

3rd December 2017

It was our biggest club competition ever with nearly 200 children competiting across the day. 


All children competed on Floor and Vault and every single gymnast walked away with a ribbon or a medal. 


All gymnasts did amazingly well and made CMG very proud. 


Thank you to all the staff, coaches, volenteers, committee members, parents, gymnasts and most importantly the judges. 


Thank you everyone! 


West Country League Final 2017

25th & 26th November 2017

CHIPPENHAM Moonraker gymnasts enjoyed notable success in the West Country League Finals at the end of November.

They had three teams competing over the weekend, the A League, B League and C League teams all competing in Division 2.

On the Saturday morning, the C League competed on bars, beam, floor and vault. Kelsey Stokes, Maisie Russell, Katie Strange, Lauren Searle, Morgan Sanderson and Jenny Francklin had an outstanding day and took fourth overall on the day and fourth in the league.

In the afternoon, the B League competed on the same four apparatus. Ellie Treacy, Eva Falcone-Healy, Freya Gleed, Sophie Townsend, Emily Macklin-Day and Summer Taylor were on form and brought home the gold.

The gymnasts came first overall on the day and were crowned champions of the year. Ellie Treacy was first on bars, beam and vault. Eva Falcone-Healy also performed solid routines on bars and beam, for third place on both apparatus.

On the Sunday, the new A League team of Jemma Vincent, Leah Bishop, Katherine Allday, Tamar Hibbert, Charlotte Foley and Florrie Strange performed well. For some it was their first time competing in a regional competition. They came fifth overall and fifth on the day.

Wiltshire Floor & Vault

29th October 2017

CHIPPENHAM'S Moonraker Gymnastics Club emerged with a hefty collection of medals and ribbons from the Wiltshire Floor and Vault competition at Wiltshire School of Gymnastics in Melksham.


Category B 8/9 years: 1 Alisa Burton, 2 Eloisa Slade, 3 Amber Nixon, 4 Abigail Tobin, 5 Evie-Mae Last, 6 Krystal Eavis.

Category C 8/9 years: 1 Francesca Dipisa.

Category C 10/11 years: 3 Abigail Bussey, 5 Imogen King, 6 Ellie Quaey, 6 Jocelyn Chillitupa, 7 Megan Bates, 8 Lauren Halliwell.

Category D 14+ years: 1 Charlotte Townsend, 2 Grace Macklin-Day, 7 Millie Strange, 8 Ella Stiles.

Category C 14+ years: 2 Francesca Mylchrest, 3 Melissa Bailey.

Category F 7 years: 1 Jacob Faulkner.

Category G 10/11 years: 1 Callum Johnstone.

Category G 12/13 years: 2 Victor Baker.

Well done to all the gymnasts! 

Disability British Championships

1st October 2017

IT WAS gold for a disabled gymnast at her first ever national competition, as she amazed judges when she took to the floor.

Francesca Di Pisa, nine, was born with a right hand impairment and took home gold in the all-round section after performances on the bar, beam, vault and floor. The Disability Artistic British Championships 2017 was organised by British Gymnastics, at the Lilleshall National Sports Centre in Telford.

Mum Laura said: “Her gold medal win hasn’t really sunk in yet, but we’re so very proud of what she’s accomplished."

Moonraker Gymnastics Club in Chippenham had two more successes as Teigan Higgs, 13, who overcame open heart operations as a toddler, won five silver medals at the championships.

Going into her routine Teigan admitted she was nervous, having fallen off equipment during her warm up, “but I forgot about all of my worries when the competition began” she added.

“I was very surprised when I realised that I’d won so many medals, but it makes all of the hard work worth it.”

Millie Strange, 16, came sixth after competing in the adult section for the first time. Millie was born with her left foot facing the wrong way and has already undergone over 20 corrective surgical procedures.

Adult Gymnastics British Championships

Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2017

On the 5th and 6th of August Hannah West and Emma Keily entered into the Adult Gymnastics British Championships. 


Emma was in the over 40's Novice catrgory for her 3rd consecutive year and competed on the floor, beam and vault. Emma beat her personal best and placed 6th over all in Great Britain. 


Hannah West competed in th over 18's intermidate competition and competed all four pieces, floor, beam, bars and vault. Hannah was crowned British Champion and came away with the gold medal. 


Well done Ladies! 


Click on the link below to read Hannah's interview with our local newspaper.

CMG Summer Club Comp

Sunday 16th July 2017

CHIPPENHAM Moonraker Gymnastics Club held their 2017 Summer Club Competition, with 140 of their gymnasts competing.


Thirty champions were crowned, with each of the competitors placed into ability and age categories.

RESULTS Round 1, Badges 8-5, 2010: 1 Sadie Butler, 2 Theo Hibberd, 3 Caitlin Stirling. Badges 8-5 2011: 1 Agatha Parsons, 2 Charlotte Wylie, 3 Mitchel Burrett. Badges 4-1 2004/2005/2006: 1 Kerenza Scott, 2 Laura Hammond, 3 Amelia Holtom. Badges 4-1 2007: 1 Skye Hillman, 2 Amelia Ohannessian, 3 Bethany Hourihane.

Bronze Group A: 1 Jessica Treacy, 2 Evie Bowers, 3 Isla Walker. Silver Group B: 1 Isabelle Parsons, 2 Honey Morse, 3 Chala Keles.

County: 1 Jemma Vincent, 2 Florrie Strange, 3 Emily Draper. Comp Group 2: 1 Eva Falcone-Healy, 2 Ellie Treacy, 3 Freya Gleed. Minis: 1 Danielle Armado, 2 Freya Irving-French, 3 Matilda Stanton.


Round 2 - Badge 8-5 2005/2006: 1 Oliver Tobin, 2 Lisa Marie Loud. Badge 8-5 2007/2008: 1 Minea Anca Florentina, 2 Lily Woodhouse, 3 Aimeelee Stiles. Badge 8-5 2012: 1 Mylah Bishop, 2 Aimee Hurren, 3 Florence Houlihan. Badge 4-1 2008: 1 Lauren Ball, 2 Leah-Marie Hamilton, 3 Kateyln Burton.

Gold: 1 Alice Dennien, 2 Cerys Kiley, 3 Natcha Henly.

Comp Group 1: 1 Lauren Searle, 2 Kelsey Stokes, 3 Mia Wright. County 2: 1 Imogen King.

My Gym Juniors: 1 Jocelyn Chillitupa, 2 Lauren Halliwell, 3 Abigail Bussey. Pre-Development: 1 Abigail Tobin, 2 Evie-Mae Last.

Round 3 - Badge 8-5, 2009: 1 Sophie Morgan, 2 Lily Haddon, 3 Katie Doel. Comp Group 3: 1 Leah Bishop, 2 Katherine Allday, 3 Summer Taylor. Grades: 1 Ava Smith, 2 Eloisa Slade, 3 Alisa Burton.

Badge 4-1, 2009: 1 Siteri Masala, 2 Millie McFlarlane, 3 Isla Chapman. Badge 4-1 2010: 1 Ella Crook, 2 Megan Curtis, 3 Emma Maloney.

Bronze, Group B: 1 Emily Scott, 2 Kiera Curtis, 3 Codie Rigby. Development: 1 Charlotte Foley, 2 Emily Clark, 3 Madison Cox. Disability: 1 Teigan Higgs.

My Gym Seniors: 1 Charlotte Townsend, 2 Grace Macklin-Day, 3 Charlotte Tate. Boys 1: 1 Callum Johnstone, 2 Victor Baker. Boys 2: 1 Jacob Faulkner.

Wiltshire Levels

Sunday 2nd July 2017

CHIPPENHAM Moonraker Gymnastics Club competed in the annual Wiltshire Levels Championships, securing a total of 41 medals.

In round one, level five (8/9 years), Summer Taylor was first overall and on vault and second on floor, bars and beam, with Leah Bishop second overall and a beam and floor winner. Katherine Allday was second on vault, third on beam and fourth overall.

At level four (10 years), Eva Falcone-Healy was first on vault and beam and third on bars to finish third overall.

Sophie Townsend was the overall winner in level four (11/12 years) and on all the apparatus except floor (third) and Emily Macklin-Day was fourth overall and on all apparatus except bars (third).

Jenny Francklin was third overall in the level four (13+ years) section, as well as second on beam, third on bars and fifth on vault and floor.

At level three (11 years) Ellie Treacy won on all apparatus and overall, while at level three (13/14 years), Lauren Searle was second overall and on beam, first on bars and third on floor and vault, with Mia Wright fourth overall and on bars and floor, as well as second on vault and third on beam Katie Strange was second on beam and floor and third on vault and bars at level three (15/16 years).

Gymnast of the Month

JUNE 2017


Congratulations to Sophie Townsend (national squad), Emily Macklin-Day (Regional squad) and Amber Nixon (development) for all winning gymnast of the month for June. 

Emily has achieved wonders on the bar this month as she has nearly achieved her giants on wooden with support. This is a massive achievement for Emily and her resilience has been outstanding! Keep up the hard work Em.

Sophie has really stepped up in both her training and competition performances. Sophie wiped the floor with winning 4 golds at the Wiltshire Levels Championships. Sophie is achieving loads of new skills I couldn't be happier with her enthusiasm and progress.

Amber has impressed all the coaches with her hard work in training and conducting conditioning circuits like a pro! Amber is a little pocket rocket when it comes to fitness and gives some of our top squad girls a run for their money! Keep up the hard work Amber you are doing fab! 


West Country League Round 1

Sunday 11th June 2017

On the 11th June, 18 Chippenham Moonraker gymnasts competed in the first round of the West Country League Championships. All gymnasts competed very well over the floor, beam, bars and vault. Some of the gymnasts even completed some fantastic personal achievements on the day as well.

In the first round was CMG’s division 2 B League. Kelsey Stokes, Mia Wright, Ellie Treacy, Eva Falcone Healy,Emily Macklin-Day & Sophie Townsend made up the B League team, placing 2nd overall. Mia Wright and Ellie Treacy both performed their new vaults and placed joint 2nd. Eva Falcone-Healy had a fantastic day and placed 3rd on beam.

In the second round was CMG’s division 2 A League. Alannah Heneghan, Chloe Searle, Florrie Strange, Summer Taylor, Leah Bishop & Katherine Allday made up the A League team, placing 2nd overall. Alannah had a fantastic day and placed 1st on the vault, 2nd on the floor, and came 2nd overall. Katherine Allday impressed the judges on floor and placed 3rd.  

In the third round was CMG’s division 2 C League. Katie Strange, Maisie Russell, Lauren Searle, Jenny Francklin & Holly Pearce made up the C League team, placing 2nd overall. Katie Strange had an amazing day and placed 2nd on the beam and 2nd overall. Maisie Russell managed to stick her new bar routine and placed a respectful 2nd on bars and 3rd overall. Lauren Searle was the floor star of the day and placed 1st on floor. 

Wiltshire Teams

Sunday 4th June 2017

Twelve of Chippenham Moonraker Gymnasts competed at the Wiltshire Teams Competition on Sunday 4th June and to our delight all competed very well on the Asymmetric Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault. Most of the gymnasts competed with lots of new skills on the day coming away with 8 medals, four Gold, four Silver and four 4th place ribbons.

Level 3 Over 13yrs-

Gold : Maisie Russell, Katie Strange, Lauren Searle, Holly Pearce

Level 6 9yrs and under-

Silver : Madison Cox, Emily Clark, Emmy Tayler, Charlotte Foley

Level 5 11yrs and Under-

Ribbons : Emily Draper, Jemma Vincent, Cammy Boulett

Excellent competition for all the Gymnasts who competed. Many thanks to the coaches and Judges who gave up their precious Sunday to help these gymnasts perform to their maximum potential.


Gymnast of the Month

MAY 2017

Congratulations to Summer Taylor who won CMG gymnast of the month! 
Summer has managed to score herself a well deserved place in our National training squad. Summer is excelling in all her work and is turning out to be a beautiful gymnast. 

Well deserved win! Well done Summer 


March & April 2017

Alannah Henghan won gymnast of the month for March. Alannah has only recently moved to our County squad and has already acheived a very high skill set. Alannah is now ready to compete in Regional competitions after all of her hard work. Well done Alannah! 


Eva Faclone-Healy and Matilda Stanton both won the gymnast of the month for April. Eva (National Squad) has over come her fear of performaing and has blosumed in confidence. Eva is now excelling and is ready to take her gymnastics to the next level. 

Matilda Stanton is part of our mini suqad programme. Matilda has only recently joined the group and is already presenting her moves with elegance and confidence. Good luck to Matilda in her first ever competition in May. 


Well done girls! 

South West Springboard 2017

Sunday 2nd April 2017

EIGHT gymnasts representing the Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club competed at the South West Springboard championships at the Wiltshire School of Gymnastics.

Competing in the 9/10 year old division with 70 gymnasts taking part, Leah Bishop was the top placed Moonraker gymnast, finishing in 27th place overall with a fantastic fifth place finish on the balance beam. Summer Taylor placed 40th overall with a fifth place on the asymmetric bars, while Katherine Allday was 50th in the overall standings.

In the 11/12 year old division, Freya Gleed placed 25th in a large field of 50 gymnasts.

Lauen Searle finished fifth overall in the 13/14 year old competition Lauren Searle, having placed fourth on both balance beam and floor.

In the Ladies event, Maisie Russell was the standout performer for the club, taking the South West Springboard title, with Jenny Francklin in seventh and Katie Strange in eighth place overall.

Russell was also crowned champion on the balance beam and took the silver medal on the vault, while Strange took the honours on the floor exercise with Jenny Francklin just behind in second.

In the team event, the nominated team of Gleed, Searle and Strange placed sixth.

National Grades

Sunday 19th March 2017

Six gymnasts representing the Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club competed in the South West National Grades competition on Sunday 19th March.  This is a set element competition in the Elite competition stream and acts as the qualification round for the National Development Plan Final held later in the year.  Mia Wright was successful in earning a reserve position for the South West Team at National Grade 2, the first time the club has been represented in a Regional team for a National Final since its inception in 2011.

At National Grade 4, for the younger gymnasts, Emily Macklin-Day and Eva Falcone-Healy both performed extremely well receiving Highly Commended to pass the Grade.  Macklin-Day performed especially well to finish in 20th position in a large field of 42 gymnasts.

At National Grade 3, both Ellie Treacy and Sophie Townsend overcame illness in the week prior to the event to pass their grade, with Treacy being awarded Highly Commended and Townsend a Pass.

At National Grade 2, Kelsey Stokes was awarded a Pass for her overall performance. But was especially good on the floor exercise achieving the 2nd highest score on the apparatus in the grade.  Mia Wright was the standout performer for the club on the day with a string performance on all apparatus, achieving her Grade with Highly Commended and placing 6th in the all around competition earning the position of reserve for the South West team at the National Final.


Wiltshire Grades

Sunday 12th March 2017

On Sunday 12th March 13 gymnasts from Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics Club participated in the first competition of the 2017 season - Wiltshire Grades in Melksham.  Gymnasts are assessed against set criteria on the different apparatus – vault, bars beam and floor exercise for the girls, vault, high bar and floor for the boys - at ascending difficulty levels aiming for a target score to pass their grade.  All of the gymnasts who took part were successful in passing their Grade.

At Women’s Artistic Grade 3, Amber Nixon had a solid competition to achieve a Pass at the grade.  Team mates Madison Cox, Emily Clark and Hermione Ferris were also successful, receiving a Highly Commended score for their Grade.  Emmy Tayler was the standout Moonraker performer at Grade 3, achieving the Grade with Distinction and placing 6th overall in the competition.

At Women’s Artistic Grade 2, Charlotte Foley was awarded a Pass for her performance.

At Women’s Artistic Grade 1, Tamar Hibbert achieved a Pass, with Florrie Strange being awarded a Highly Commended and 6th place overall, and Emily Draper also receiving Highly Commended and 4th place overall.

In the Women’s Artistic Pre-Level division, the highest category at the Wiltshire Grades, Chloe Searle and Alannah Heneghan were both awarded their Grade with Highly Commended; Searle placing 4th in the overall rankings with Heneghan just ahead of her taking the bronze medal.

In the Boys Grading event, newcomer Jacob Faulkner placed 3rd overall at Grade 5 achieving a Pass in his first competition for the club.  At Grade 4 Lenny Osler achieved a pass and placed 5th in the all around standings.



Skye Hillman won the gymnast of the month prize for her hard work in February. Skye has work exceptionaly hard in her recreational sessions and it has not been missed. Gaining 3 new skills in one month on her gold badge. Keep up the hard work Skye!



Congratulations to KELSEY STOKES for becoming CMG's first gymnast of the month in 2017. Kelsey has already acheived some fantastic personal acheivments already and the year has only just begun.
Kelsey is still working very hard and she is looking forward to competing in her first ever National Grading in March.
Keep going Kelsey you are doing great!

CMG Awards Evening

Saturday 4th February


On Saturday 4th February, Chippenham Moonraker Gymnastics held their annual awards evening, celebrating all the club’s achievements over the preceding year.  Awards were given out to participants from across the entire range of club activity, from recreational gymnasts, through the competition groups and up to the adult participants.

The Club Gymnast of the Year Award for 2016 was presented to Ellie Treacy, who had a particularly successful competitive season in 2016, including being one of the first Chippenham gymnasts to successfully pass a National Grade, and winning a Regional Title at the South West Springboard event.  Disability gymnast Millie Strange was presented with the Outstanding Achievement award for her silver medal winning performance at the British Disability Gymnastics Championships, whilst her twin sister Katie was presented with the Role Model Award.  Maisie Russell received the Sportsmanship Award, showing real team spirit attending a competition on her crutches having been injured in training the day before meaning she was unable to compete.

Group Gymnasts of the Year, given to the gymnasts who won the gymnast of the month award for their group the most times over the year, were as follows:

Squad – Maisie Russell                                     Minis – Ava Smith                             

Development – Emily Clark                            My Gym – Ella Stiles

Pre-Development – Lauren Turfrey                Pre-Squad – Chloe Searle

Grades – Niamh Doherty                                Adults – Emma Kiely

Several gymnasts were rewarded for showing the most improvement over the year – Leah Bishop (Squads); Charlotte Taverner (Development Gymnasts); Alice Dennien & Joel Bates (Recreational Gymnasts) and Sophie Townsend (Flexibility and Conditioning).  Chloe Searle was awarded the best Floor Routine for 2016 and Tamar Hibbert for being the best presented athlete in training.

All the Club’s Young Leaders were recognised for their contribution to the club by being awarded a medal – these are the coaches of the future, and the club could not run the sessions as well without them.  Taylor Forester was awarded the Young Volunteer of the Year award for her boundless enthusiasm with the children in the recreational classes.

The club’s Coaching team, Judges and Committee were also thanked for all their hard work over 2016.

Winter Club competition 2017

Sunday 29th January


On Sunday 29th January 2017 members of Chippenham’s Moonraker Gymnastics Club gathered at the Olympiad Leisure Centre for the annual Club Winter Championships.  The competition featured all levels of club activity, from 4-year old recreational members just taking their first steps in the sport, to seasoned competitors who have been working for years to achieve their level of performance.  Competition was tight across all ages and ability groups, making for some very exciting events across the whole day.  Over 170 of the club’s 500 strong membership base took part with lots of smiling faces seen enjoying the competition watched by family and friends across the day.

All gymnasts performed exercises on the floor and vault, with routine content set according to the gymnasts’ age and attainment level.  The audience were treated to some spectacular performances from all levels of competitor in every round. 

24 Club Champions were crowned across the day, with all of those taking part receiving a participation certificate and ribbon as recognition of their achievement.  Full results as follows:

Recreational Groups:

Badges 8-5:

Group A – 1. Lauren Ball; 2. Kathryn King; 3. Grace Grylls

Group B – 1. Tabby Williams; 2. Alannah Watson; 3. Siteri Masala

Group C – 1. Ella Crook; 2. Agatha Parsons; 3. Kiera Butler

Group D – 1. Alesha Harris; 2. Poppy Gamble; 3. Angelina Wordley-Stewart


Badges 4-1:

Group G – 1. Sophia Samokovlieva; 2. Codie Rigby; 3. Skye Hillman

Group H – 1. Elisha Constantine; 2. Megan Curtis; 3. Gracie Lister

Group I – 1. Kerenza Scott; 2. Kelsi Learmonth; 3. Alisha Burkett

Advanced Proficiency:

Group M – 1. Amabel Schoeman; 2. Sophie Townson; 3. Isabel Campbell

Group N – 1. Willow Currie; 2. Trinity Cole; 3. Isabel Parsons

Group O – 1. Alice Dennien; 2. Anna Manuel; 3= Cerys Kiely, Tilly Adcock & Taylor Forester

Group P – 1. Melissa Bailey; 2. Joel Bates; 3. Alicia Wood-Ratcliffe


Competition Development and Squad Groups:

Mini Squad – 1. Danielle Armado; 2. Freyja Irving-French; 3. Lola Tayler

Mini Grades – 1. Matilda Stanton; 2. Ava Smith; 3. Eloisa Slade

National Grades – 1. Ellie Treacy; 2. Sophie Townsend; 3. Eva Falcone-Healy

Level 5 Under 9 – 1. Leah Bishop; 2. Florrie Strange; 3. Katherine Allday

Level 3 – 1. Lauren Searle; 2. Kelsey Stokes; 3. Katie Strange

Level 5 10+ – 1. Alannah Heneghan; 2= Chloe Searle & Katelyn Marr; 3. Tamar Hibbert

Development Squad – 1. Charlotte Foley; 2. Madison Cox & Amber Nixon; 3. Emily Clark

Boys Squad – 1. Victor Baker; 2. Lenny Osler; 3. Callum Johnstone

My Gym Sr Group A – 1. Ella Stiles; 2. Teigan Higgs

Grades Group 1 - 1. Francesca Dipisa; 2. Niamh Doherty; 3. Alisa Burton

My Gym Sr Group B - 1. Charlotte Townsend; 2. Mabel Smaller; 3= Amelia Scott & Charlotte Tate

Pre-Development – 1. Charlotte Taverner; 2. Lucy Barnard; 3. Evie-Mae Last


My Gym Juniors – 1. Lauren Halliwell; 2. Jocelyn Chillitupa; 3. Megan Bates

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